Talent advancing healthcare. Now.

Hire top life science talent. Say goodbye to complex sourcing and waves of unsuitable job applications.
Access outstanding full-time candidates and top contractors pre-screened  by working
industry-professionals and experts.
Build your teams around curated scientific, clinical, and commercial expertise.
Hloop saves you time and money in identifying and hiring the right life science talent by combining deep industry expertise, advanced algorithms, and screening by industry professionals.

Instead of constantly searching for prospects and receiving heaps of mixed applications from a number of different channels, Hloop instantly matches you with highly-qualified candidates from a range of speciality fields.

Easily manage candidates through the interview process, collaborate with your team, and hire better-quality life science talent more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Platform overview

Hloop is optimized for opportunities from entry up to executive levels across a number of core life science industries, expertise sectors, and employment types.
Expertise sectors
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*Post-launch locations will include other cities in the UK, US and Ireland

How it works

Hire pre-screened experts faster and smarter with Hloop, a next-generation talent marketplace specialized for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.
Sign up
Register and gain access to Hloop after a quick, internal vetting process by our Advisors.
Describe open positions
Tell us about the experience and expertise required for your available permanent and/ or contract opportunities.
Match & connect
Select from our custom matches or use advanced search to find more pre-screened candidates. Send personalized interview requests and connect directly.
Manage candidates, track interviews and collaborate with your hiring team, share offers and HIRE top life science talent.


Reduces time-to-hire with an end-to-end talent acquisition solution tailored only for the life science industry
Risk-free and reduced cost-per-hire vs. soaring job-marketing spend and commission fees 
Better talent quality with pre-screening by industry experts
Improved likelihood for retention of permanent talent and forming of 
long-term relationships with top contractors
Targeted employer branding opportunities
Continuous talent pool development


While ensuring top talent quality, constantly drive your hiring cost-effectiveness
and brand value forward.


  • Sector-specific screening  
  • Conducted by professionals and experts actually working in the industry
  • Ongoing re-evaluation of qualifications and career progress ensure continuous excellence of talent on Hloop 

Personalized matching

  • Powered by proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms
  • Matching by location, availability, relevant experience, and background
  • Considering unique criteria such as sector & job function, lifecycle stage, therapy type & area, indication, market expertise, and more 

Talent acquisition management

  • Simple and intuitive collaboration across the hiring team 
  • Facilitating end-to-end match, interview, and offer management for permanent and contract candidates
  • Access to real-time candidate pipelines with advanced search of Hloop's wider talent pool


  • Direct exposure and branding among the most relevant target audience - a curated life science talent community
  • Attract and keep top talent interested by showcasing your people, company values, and culture

Data analytics

  • Providing insight into hiring performance and ROI, salary trends, talent pool and brand development
  • Supporting long-term optimization of the talent acquisition lifecycle

Built-in confidentiality

  • An infrastructure that accounts for competitive considerations and privacy regarding your talent needs 
  • Only relevant candidates you request interviews with can see information about your opportunities

How is Hloop different?

Job boards
Professional networks
ATS/ HCM software
Agency recruiters
Many have no industry experience and relevant academic backgrounds
0 - 4 weeks
1 - 4 months
Variable by agency
Very low 

Partner approach

Hloop is an end-to-end solution offering a seamless hiring experience, but if you need assistance at any time, our Advisors and tech support team are here to help.
Account management

Serving as dedicated account managers, our Advisors ensure transparency and maximum candidate engagement throughout your interview process, and can educate you on best practice in employer branding on Hloop.

Salary and talent landscape insights

Being domain experts, Hloop Advisors are able to provide in-depth insights on cross-sector talent supply trends and salary benchmarks to inform your hiring strategy and decisions.

Technical support

Hloop is a powerful yet a simple-to-use tool, but in case you have any "how to" questions or encounter issues, our technical support specialists are only an email or a message away.


Hire top, curated life science talent, risk-free and with no hidden fees. Pay only when you hire.
Flexible payment plans
Scalable savings
No-risk trials of 3 months for permanent and up to 3 weeks for contract positions

Meet the team

Hloop was developed by life science industry veterans and tech experts. Being long aware of and frustrated with the persisting pain points of slow and ineffective identification and recruitment of highly skilled life science talent, we created Hloop - an innovative, faster, and a more cost-effective platform serving as a direct link between top companies and the most qualified industry specialists. The Hloop marketplace & community is built on a foundation of deep industry expertise, advanced technology, and a mission to drive healthcare and therapeutic innovation through talent.
Sasa Janicijevic
Founder & CEO
Ivan Josipovic
Co-founder & CFO
Andrej Radinger
Tech Advisor

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